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DOFUS Dungeons: Update

Dear everyone,

We’ve been very quiet in recent weeks – almost completely silent, with no new information and just a few responses to comments – and you’ve been very understanding. You waited, patiently. It’s important to mention this, and we have to thank you, because it gave us the space to calmly consider the update that will follow. Yes, friends, as you must have guessed, our silence meant something… But please be assured that what follows is a good thing. In any case, we see it as a good thing, because even though it means changing our plans, it’s nothing more, nothing less than a new start. It was time for us – for Ankama, for our projects – to make important decisions, and that’s now been done.
You’re probably saying, « What are you talking about? »… So, I won’t drag this introduction out any longer. Let’s get straight to it.

DOFUS Dungeons: Why?

We’ve already said why on various occasions, but it’s crucial to start at the beginning: DOFUS Dungeons was born from a need, more than a wish, to offer our fans a new experience, one that is more in line with today’s consumption patterns. We know that the idea won’t interest everyone, and that’s perfectly normal: What pleases one person doesn’t necessarily please someone else. But with this project, we are targeting a very specific group, specifically players who do not have the time, or necessarily a desire, to explore every corner of a vast MMO to advance and have fun playing. And, given the comments we’ve received, we are forced to note that this target does indeed exist and that we weren’t completely off the mark in our analysis and response to players’ needs.

But nothing is ever that simple… Because the list of needs in question is long and diverse, and while we do need to meet a maximum of them, we also need to prioritize them. Today, DOFUS Dungeons is not a priority over the expectations of the DOFUS MMO community. We understand that very well, and we’ve examined the question from every angle and then made the decisions and taken the resulting measures. The development of DOFUS Dungeons will therefore not continue as initially conceived, and the DOFUS teams will be reunited to work together toward the same aim.

DOFUS Dungeons: What’s Next

I said this in the introduction: This announcement is a good thing. Of course, having read this far, those of you who were looking forward to getting back into DOFUS via DOFUS Dungeons must be disappointed. To those players, I’ll say only one thing: Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. Remember what we told you at the start. DODO is a laboratory, a sort of test tube, a place where innovative concepts can be imagined, etc. And all the work that’s been done in that direction is positive and inspiring. So don’t worry, it’s just temporary. The project hasn’t been killed, far from it; it will take its time to grow and evolve, and come back to you later in a new form. And when it does, count on us to include you in the heart of its development.

So, it is with zero sadness and regrets – and with a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy for the coming months – that we thank you for being with us this far and sharing your impressions with us. We’ll continue these discussions with you, and look forward to seeing you with our various current and upcoming projects!

See you all soon!
The DOFUS Dungeons Team

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