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Class Spotlight: Cra’s Range

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ndset of trying new things, we decided to completely re-design the character classes. Of course, Cras will still be Cras – and the same goes for all the other classes; their specific features will necessarily be portrayed and represented graphically, but in a fresh and new manner. What is more, we’d like to offer a range of different skins for the same character, either via Shushu items or via the Shop. So, don’t be surprised to see your heroes (again) in a new light in DOFUS Dungeons!

When it comes to gameplay, the watchword was accessibility, and we are determined to simplify understanding of the game while making it more dynamic and faster. We therefore reduced each hero’s panel of spells to 11, while keeping the possibility of adding one or two additional spells based on the character’s equipment. We also reduced the number of characteristics and adjusted some values (range, damage, AP cost, number of casts, etc.) to better match the offered fight format.

In the Class Spotlight series, we decided to start with Cra, merely because he’s the character we’ve done the most work on so far. But before jumping into the thick of the subject, let’s take a quick look at the direction chosen for the DOFUS Dungeons heroes.

As you already know7f; padding: 0px 0px 4px 12px; font-family: arial; »>Overall, spells are simpler because most of them have two effect lines. That said, we could still apply 3 or even 4, but only very occasionally and if it’s called for, and if the spell is still easy to understand.
« Weapons, which can be used once per turn f, the artistic direction for DOFUS Dungeons has taken a completely different turn to be closer to that of DOFUS Cube. Yet, we didn’t want to simply take existing characters and cover them with a dose of Cube sauce; firstly, that would have limited our artists’ creativity, and secondly, the result would have worked against our desire to give the heroes of the game a second youth. Consequently, and because we are working from the mi

Crocus has a bit more to say on the GD thinking regarding character classes:

Now that you have a more detailed vision of the direction that we’ve taken for DOFUS Dungeons, it’s time to get down to business and introduce the one you’ve all been waiting for: Cra!

Cra: New AD


The idea was to offering a « plant-like » version of the character while keeping its unique archer aspect, and Rumo gave it a go:

For Cra, we needed to stick to the « forest elf » spirit – a bit in the image of Legolas from the Lord of the Rings – and so that’s the direction the first sketches took. I then worked on variants in different themes that can be associated with archers, such as plants, thieves, hunters, etc. in order to give the character a real identity. The plant variant proposal was chosen and therefore that’s the one that was fine-tuned to suit the AD of Cube and Iop, which we use as a reference.
Finally, I worked on a slightly bloody head, in order to give him a bit of a rascal and clever nature, a bit wild like a fox.

Recherches Crâ

View of the sprite in context, animated by Lolzewolf :

Animation Crâ

Cra: New GD

Cras are obviously still THE long-range characters in the game, and their basic unique characteristics will be preserved, or even strengthened.

A few words about Cra gameplay by Crocus :

Cras are the main long-distance damage dealers in DOFUS Dungeons. Their secondary role is placement.
The Earth path is based on Burst and distance pushback, and the Fire path uses area-of-effect damage. Finally, the Air path offers huge damage on charge and pushback with casting conditions that force them to expose themselves more.
Utility spells provide damage improvements and above all let them move allies or enemies to exploit damage spells effectively.

That’s it for this class spotlight. We hope this first hero will make you want to test him out in real conditions and get to know a bit more about the other characters.
As always, please comment and give us your opinions!

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you next week with the latest news!


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