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Two weeks without news, without a trace, without information…
Two weeks of withdrawal, torment and dismay…
Two weeks of obsession and anxiety…

Ok, maybe not to such a degree, but don’t be shy and admit it: you missed us!
To make up for it and to get back into good habits, we’re offering you two articles this week: first this one, which is about the DOFUS Dungeons team and, then, a first-class spotlight. Let’s get started!

The Creative Team

The Creative Team consists of five big groups of artists: level designers, graphic artists, character designers, animators and sound designers.

Level Design

The level designers are responsible for designing the game maps; they determine the format, the features, the obstacles and other game elements. After that, it’s the level builders turn to bring the maps to life by adding scenery, ambiance and other graphic elements based on the level design imagined. In our office, there isn’t really much of a distinction between an LD and an LB. Our artists are qualified to do both.

On this team, we find:


Graphic designer, illustrator, graphic novel author and level designer, Mary has been working at Ankama for 7 years, mainly for DOFUS MMO but also for the board games Dino Party and Monster Slaughter, or even the graphic novel Les Dessous de DOFUS.

» Find him on her blog : Mary Pumpkins

After working as a level designer at various video game studios, Abjugardiel arrived at Ankama 3 years ago to work on DOFUS MMO.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers work on many different things. From conceptualizing art to creating graphic elements, they imagine, research and develop environments, scenery and very precise objects, including, but not limited to, the blades of grass in Astrub, the Count Harebourg set and even the pictographs used for the game’s interface

On this team, we find:


Hired to work on DOFUS MMO 12 years ago as a graphic designer and level designer, Lorko has been an artistic director and creative team manager for DOFUS 2 since 2008 and for WAKFU MMO since 2016.


AAn accomplished artist, Milou is just as at ease doing graphic design as she is illustration. Hired 10 years ago, her first contribution was for Islands of Wakfu, before transitioning to DOFUS MMO.

» Find her on her blog : Egg009

With more than 12 years at Ankama, Benpi is an old hand who has contributed to numerous projects, including DOFUS 1, WAKFU MMO, the animated game Goultard the Barbarian, DOFUS 2 and DOFUS Touch.

» Find him on his website : Benoît Laigle

An artist of many talents, PunchCoco works in both 2D and 3D. Over approximately 9 years, she has also participated on Wakfu Guardians, Gobbowl, Krosmaster Arena the board game, the aborted DOFUS 3D prototype and DOFUS MMO.

» Find her on Art Station: VeroniqueGuannel

Hired in January 2017 as a level designer for DOFUS MMO, Thomas currently works on art conceptualization.

» Find him on Facebook: Thomas Pommery Artiste

Character Design

Character designers imagine and create the ensemble of characters who make up the game, whether it’s heroes, creatures or even companion animals, mounts and pets.

On this team, we find:


Since his arrival in 2007, Rumo has participated in numerous projects as an animator and character designer, including WAKFU MMO, WAKFU Guardians, DOFUS Arena, DOFUS MMO and more recently, DOFUS Pets.

» Find him on his website: RumoLeRouge and on Twitter: @rumolerouge

Hired 6 years ago, Emilien has participated in animations such as WAKFU Season 3 and DOFUS – The Movie as a scenery concept artist before joining the WAKFU MMO team 2 years ago.


Hired 8 months ago, Jaguare19 is one of the latest recruits for WAKFU MMO, which he has worked on as an animator.

» Find him on Art Station: Jaguare19


The animators bring the characters created by the designers to life; they make their motions, breathing, movements… as realistically as possible. They are also FX designers and create specific movements, spells and combat effects.

On this team, we find:


With a background in graphic novels, Lolzewolf has been an animator at Ankama for 11 years. He has also participated in the Wakfu animated series seasons 1, 2, 3 and special episodes, Kerub’s Bazaar and the film DOFUS Book I: Julith. Since 2017, he has been the lead animator for DOFUS MMO.


Hired 10 years ago, Viti got his start on Season 1 of Wakfu the animated series before transitioning to DOFUS MMO. Meanwhile, he also participated on the Fly’n project.


For the last 4 years, Deeamo has been working with animation and FX for DOFUS MMO.

» Find him on Instagram: Deeamo_FX and his website: Deeamo

After 10 months of work-study on WAKFU MMO, today Constantin works as a full-time animator.

» Find him on Tumblr: ConstantinTheEagle

Note: To better align with the new artistic direction, the Creative team is led by two members of DOFUS Cube: Arnaud, ambiance and scenery manager and Tiko, character design and animation manager

Sound Design

The sound designers bring the game to life and immerse the player in it by enhancing the desired ambiance through sound; they compose music and create noises, adapting them to each place, moment and action in the game.

On this team, we find:


With Ankama from the very beginning, Guigui has been composing music for our projects since 2001. In particular, he has composed music for DOFUS 1 & 2, WAKFU, a few mobile games, as well as some music for WAKFU the series.


Hired a year and a half ago, KoaxX primarily does sound design for WAKFU MMO.

» Find him on Twitter: @Koaxx_

The Tech Team

The Tech Team is comprised of game designers, client developers and server developers.

Game Design

Game designers are responsible for the gameplay. They determine and oversee the rules, the mechanics, the conditions, the difficulties, etc.

On this team, we find:


After a brief time with WAKFU MMO, Korri switched to DOFUS MMO and has been with it for 11 years.


Hired just 1 year ago, Crocus has worked on DOFUS MMO.

» Find him on Tumblr: FranartCorp

Client Development

Client development is responsible for making sure everything « visible » in the game works properly, starting with the boot up as well as all the graphics of the different mechanics, particularly the game interfaces.

On this team, we find:


Working on DOFUS MMO for more than 10 years, Sili got her start on DOFUS 1 and then DOFUS 2.

» Find her on Twitter: @Sili_

Since his arrival 6 years ago, Toun has been working on DOFUS MMO.


The most recent recruit to the client development team, Geis has been working on DOFUS MMO for 10 months.

Server Development

Server developers are responsible for everything that is « invisible » in the game, including the game engine, implementing all the available functionalities and managing the online and multiplayer modes.

On this team, we find:


Hired in late 2016, Stupfyy works exclusively on DOFUS MMO.

» Find her on Twitter: @ffb777

Hired almost 2 years ago for DOFUS MMO, Tacos worked briefly as a client developer before becoming a server developer.

And to oversee this great group of people, as well as the project, production deadlines, job assignments, priorities and all the paperwork, there is Jonquille, the producer:


Over the last 4 years, Jonquille has contributed to numerous projects. After a stint with the testing team, she oversaw DOFUS Touch until its release in 2016. After that, she worked as a producer on WAKFU MMO, before switching to DOFUS Dungeons.

» Find her on Twitter: @Jonquille_AKM

And last but not least, there’s me:


Hired in early 2012 for DOFUS MMO, I stayed on until April 2017, after which I moved to DOFUS Pets before bowing out in September 2017. But my absence was short lived, and here I am once again!

» Find me on Twitter: @XyaLe_KBD


And there you have it. Now you know all the main people involved with DOFUS Dungeons! To see more, check out the Ankama WIP DOFUS Dungeons video special published in the most recent issue of Gamakna:

And that’s it for this article. We’ll be back very soon with more news to share with you!


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