Focus on the Bow Meow Mini-World: Part 2

Hello, everyone!

Last week, we introduced you to part of the Bow Meow mini-world: it’s first dungeon and its family of monsters, « The Abyssinians of the Pond ». Today, as promised, we’re moving on to the second dungeon and its charming hosts, the Bengal Brothers!

The Bengal Brothers’ Hut

A change of scenery, but the location isn’t any more welcoming: plucked Tofurby, fresh carcasses, ham hocks, pools of blood, etc. The Bengal Brothers are ruthless hunters and their lair is no more, no less than a slaughterhouse and game warehouse. Macabre? Just a little…

Hutte - CroquisMob character design by Emilien.

The family is composed of four monsters:

Bengal Brother 1: Small but strong, his two brothers have nothing on him, except perhaps their athletic frames… Rather slow and limited in his movements, he prefers facilitating his brothers’ movements to take advantage of the situation.

Petit Frère Bengal

Bengal Brother 2: The second brother is as skilled as he is thoughtful, and none of his blows are random. Staying within range is clearly not a good idea.

Bengal Brother 3: The oldest in this family of triplets and certainly the angriest, his fury is sometimes so intense that it spills over onto his two brothers and makes them all the more dangerous as adversaries.

« 3 in 1 » Bengal Brother: Union is strength, and the brothers understand that. When they’re united, they are as fearsome as they are ferocious!

And finally, here’s a little WIP of the combat map, once again by Milou:

That’s all for this short but visually efficient post. For the rest of the Bow Meow mini-world, the graphic designers are giving it their all, but you’ll need to be patient a little longer to give us the time to introduce the team!

Have a great week, and enjoy your vacation (for those lucky ones on vacation)!
See you soon,

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