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Hello, everyone,

Last month, we offered you a chance to choose the four classes that would complete the DOFUS Dungeons starting lineup alongside the four pre-selected classes: Iop, Cra, Eniripsa, and Sacrier. Now its time to update you on the results and reveal which eight classes will be available in the game!

The Eight Classes in DOFUS Dungeons

We’ve classified the various classes into three types of fundamental gameplay: damage dealers, tanks, and support. Several choices are possible in each group. The ultimate goal was to offer four classes focused on damage, two classes focused on protection, and two classes focused on support.

While the results shifted quite a bit in the support classes, and even though it was a tight race, you’ve decided and we have our winners:

Damage Dealers:

Ecaflip with 25.05% and Sram with 23.72%
Rogue: 15.09%; Osamodas: 13.17%; Huppermage: 12.73%; and Ouginak: 10.24%


Feca: 44.35%
Pandawa: 36.39%; and Masqueraider: 19.26%


Enutrof: 36.61%
Xelor: 32.15%; and Sadida: 31.24%

Iop, Cra, Ecaflip, Sram, Sacrier, Feca, Eniripsa, and Enutrof will therefore be the classes you’ll find in DOFUS Dungeons!


If those weren’t your first picks, don’t be too disappointed. Choices had to be made to stick to the production and release schedule, but if you like the game and it’s a success, other classes could be added later.


In order to facilitate understanding of the gameplay and make combats more comprehensible, we’ve eliminated or limited certain characteristics.

We have seven main characteristics for a given character, which increase naturally with the character’s level: vitality, water, air, fire, earth, AP, and MP.

Depending on equipment choices, characters can be oriented or optimized in 11 secondary characteristics: lock, flight, resistance %, final damage reduction, critical resistances, pushback resistance, damage %, critical damage, pushback damage, final damage, and % of critical hits.

Wisdom and prospecting have been eliminated, and initiative has been limited. We’re working from the principle that the leader of a group will determine the order of combat, so the initiative system will only apply to enemies.
For all the other characteristics, we are considering the possibility of offering spell effects or ally/enemy bonuses/penalties, but not to make them accessible. That would notably be the case for range, healing, AP/MP reduction, etc.

In addition, each character will have 3 elemental paths so as to offer single-, dual- or triple-element game modes.

That’s all for today! Class-by-class closeups in which we present the first hints of gameplay and character drawings are coming soon.

See you all soon!

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