Focus on the Bow Meow Mini-World: Part 1

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Today we’re especially enthusiastic about presenting what follows. As you know, DOFUS Dungeons is a series of (drum roll) dungeons, spread out in different mini-worlds. These mini-worlds are connected by the game’s overall narrative, but are all independent of each other and offer very distinct ambiances, scenery and creatures. During recent weeks, we’ve iterated quite a bit on the first mini-world you’ll be offered when you first enter the game, and we’ve made enough progress to reveal a tiny bit of it. So, keep in mind that all this is still WIP and, without further ado, discover the Bow Meow mini-world, the fief of the great and formidable Varvara!

A Little Background: Varvara

It is perfectly normal that you’ve never heard of her before: DOFUS Dungeons is the first occasion she’s had to show herself to you. Why here specifically? You’ll understand soon enough. Until then, let me introduce Varvara, Ecaflip’s spurned wife:

Queen among queens, Varvara’s beauty and grace were unrivaled, and her presence could make all those who dared defy her bow before her. An absolute master of the divinatory art of tarot, she could read the cards and act accordingly, ensuring victory whenever necessary.
Her sensuality was the ultimate trump card, and Ecaflip soon noticed – and desired – her. Her hairless skin was a true source of attraction for the oh-so-furry god of luck. Their mutual love produced 22 heirs, of whom Atcham was undeniably Varvara’s favorite because of how similar they were.
But no matter how beautiful and tender she once was, nothing could prevent Ecaflip from succumbing to other charms, and Varvara, furious at her husband’s infidelities, slowly became a demon of jealousy, disfigured by resentment, and eventually fell from her beloved’s favor. One day, she challenged Ecaflip to a game of dice in the desperate hope of winning his unwavering fidelity, but despite the favorable predictions in the cards, she lost and was banished from Ecaflipus forever.

Cheated on, rejected, and left to her despicable fate, Varvara has been nourishing a steady hatred of her former Love. More spiteful than ever, she now lives for only one thing – annihilate him and become the goddess Ecaflip in Ecaflip’s place.

Ambiance and Scenery

The mini-world is composed of six main maps leading to Varvara, and each map provides access to one or more intermediary dungeons. When you enter the first map in the Bow Meow mini-world, you’ll discover a relatively plant-filled scenery. For us, it’s a matter of representing the « natural » environment of the local fauna and its hunting grounds. Initially, we’re focusing on the LD research for the dungeon maps, which means we don’t yet have any WIPs of the area to show you. But you can get an idea of the concept thanks to Poolay’s sketches:

Concept Mini-Monde Chacha

Dungeons and Creatures

The first map raises the curtain on the first two dungeons: « The Pond » and « The Hut ».

The Abyssinians of the Pond

The first dungeon offers a relatively dark, almost gloomy, atmosphere, and an equally unreassuring set of creatures. If you thought the « Bow Meow mini-world » would rhyme with lush green scenery, you were far from the mark. The Pond is an underground fishing area where Abyssinian Bow Meows, young kittens rejected by Varvara, live. It must be said that since being exiled, Varvara has developed a sharp aversion to males, including her own young, who now serve only to hunt and fish to feed the girls in the family.

Their frail kitty looks hide extremely aggressive characters. Starving as they are, they’re ready to bite anyone who comes by, especially chubby Iops and Eniripsa with juicy wings. You’ve been warned.

Creature character design imagined by Guillaume, aka Saindoo:

The family is composed of four monsters:

Abysseows: Cranky and aggressive rejected kittens, they are lively and have a lot of MPs but tire quickly.

Chacha - Chabyssin

Bitter Foremen: Judging by their looks, these old cats haven’t had an easy time of it, and take it out on anyone weaker than them.

Chacha - Contremaître Aigri

Cruel Overseers: Bigger and stronger than the Abysseows, they spur on their troops with cracks of the whip, their favorite weapon.

Chacha - Surveillant Cruel

Brutal Guards: Ready to do anything to get into their mother’s good graces, they stand watch and defend their pond at any cost.

Chacha - Garde Brutal

All animated by Laurent (alias Lolzewolf), Julien (Deeamo), Victorino (Viti) & Constantin (Kossantin).

And a sneak preview of the combat map by Milou:

And that’s it for part one on the Bow Meow mini-world. See you next Monday, same time, same place, to discover the second dungeon – the Bengal Brothers’ Hut! Until then, the comments are open!

See you all soon!

Open Question

While I was writing this article and researching who had done what, I realized that some are absolutely unknown among the community. In addition, I’ve read several players asking to know which members of the DOFUS staff had been assigned to the project. So, I have a question for you: Would you like to have more concrete information about the DOFUS Dungeons team and who’s working on what?

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