Evolutionary Multi-Sidekicks

In an earlier post, Tot mentioned our desire to offer an evolutionary sidekick system so that players who want to play alone (remember, it will be a single-account server) can advance in the game as well as those who play with friends.

That announcement raised several questions, notably regarding a system equivalent to the WAKFU Heroes system in DOFUS Dungeons. On this specific point, the reasons are purely technical. Giving players the ability to play several characters simultaneously from one account would be much too big a project when it comes to development, and it would be difficult to apply to DOFUS given the repercussions it would have on a vast majority of the features present in the game. In other words, we aren’t able to envisage this system at this time.

Nevertheless, we would like to offer a sidekick system than is more developed than the one in DOFUS, and a little closer to the one in WAKFU, with aspects of progress and optimization similar to a character class.

1. Sidekick Progress

As mentioned in the article on loot and items, sidekicks would level up thanks to the progress resources/dust (whose name has still not been decided, to our great despair) that players can collect in each dungeon.
Like characters, the maximum level for sidekicks has been set at 100.

2. Sidekick Optimization

By default, sidekicks would have a set panel of spells and specific stats that could increase along with their level and based on their equipment. Just like characters, sidekicks would have four slots to equip an amulet, a ring, boots and a weapon. However, unlike characters, equipment would not modify sidekick skins, which would stay the same regardless of level and equipment.

3. Getting Sidekicks

We are currently looking at three distinct types of sidekicks, classified based on how they are obtained:

  • as rewards for quests or achievements;
  • as loot in certain mini-worlds; and
  • as shop purchases.

Each sidekick would be unique and could therefore be unlocked or bought only once per account. Thus, they would be considered to be « shared » by all the characters on a given account and could be used as the player chooses.

4. Sidekick Equipment

The sidekick equipment system would also be closer to the method used in WAKFU. Using a specific interface (separate from inventory), players could select the sidekick(s) they want to add to their team, up to a maximum of three sidekicks.

In addition, we are also studying the technical possibility of making sidekicks that are higher level than the character adapt automatically to the character. If a sidekick has risen to level 80 and is equipped to a level-60 character, then the sidekick would also be level 60 to avoid power imbalances on the team.
The sidekick’s progress would not be lost in this case, but simply put on hold until the character reaches the same level.

If we cannot offer this mechanic, then equipment conditions would be governed by level, and characters will not be able to equip higher-level sidekicks, i.e. the item equipment system currently available in the DOFUS MMO.

There you go. Now you know (almost) as much as we do about sidekicks. Let us know in the comments if this system sounds better to you than the initial mechanic, and/or if you have specific expectations or suggestions!

See you soon,

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