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Divine Items

We recently mentioned the concept of « Divine Items », a somewhat obscure loot mechanic for extremely powerful items that last a limited period of time, and this seemed to alarm some of you. This week, we therefore did some brainstorming on the subject in order to provide you with a little more information and discuss the topic more concretely.

The Basic Mechanic

Originally, Divine Items were thought of as equippable, extremely powerful, randomly dropped in dungeons, and able to be lost at any time.
The idea was to offer a maximum of 10 on the server and define a rolling ownership system based on item loot: When the 10 copies had been dropped, the 11th player to unlock a Divine Item would join the top 10, and the first to have obtained the item would lose it, and so on.
Presented in that way, several of you expressed hesitation or even accused the concept: Losing an item at any moment based on other players rather than based on one’s own actions would be much too frustrating. We therefore looked at how to adapt the original idea so that the fun of the loot is greater than the frustration from losing the item.

The Envisaged Mechanic

Divine Items would become « Divine Blessings », that is to say effects/bonuses applied to the character when the loot is obtained. While still based on random drops, players would be able to refuse the blessing if they did not want to alter their game mode. If refused, the blessing would simply be back up for grabs.

Each mini-world would contain one blessing and a specific interface would indicate which blessing is available, or which is already owned, and by whom.

When a player unlocked a blessing, they would keep it for at least 24 hours; their loot would be protected during this period of time, it could not be unlocked by someone else, and a live timer would indicate the remaining time. Once this period is up, the player could lose the blessing at any time, if another player unlocked the blessing and reactivated the protection system.

In this version of the concept, it isn’t an item anymore, but an effect, for which the player receives protection and partial visibility as to when it will disappear.
In addition, the challenge is to define the right drop rate so that Divine Blessings circulate in a balanced manner and the loot does not feel too commonplace.

Divine Bonuses

Even though the item has become a temporary effect, that doesn’t change the original desire to offer players a power bonus. Thus, a Divine Blessing would influence a character in three different ways by giving them:

  • a complete skin change,
  • a stat multiplier, and
  • one or two supplemental spells.

Now that you know a little more about Divine Blessing Items, feel free to us know what you think in the comments to share your impressions and/or ideas and wishes on the subject. We’re listening to your feedback!

See you soon,

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