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You missed the very first Ankama Live about DOFUS Dungeons? No problem: Find out what was in the video in this article and watch the complete replay (in French) on Twitch!

Is the DOFUS Dungeons concept a new game experience for gameplay only, or will a narrative story be developed?

DOFUS Dungeons is built around three major fundamentals: successive dungeons, loot, and narration.

The background in it won’t be as dense as in DOFUS because the world will be smaller, but a general storyline will be there to let players know where they are, why/how they got there, who the various characters they meet are, what their goals are, etc. This will feature a new emblematic figure in the Krosmoz that we’ll introduce more concretely in the next background article.

Beyond this general storyline, we want to create a wonderful immersion in each mini-world, notably through different scenes of day-to-day life. The idea is therefore for each dungeon to have its own narrative throughout the ascension, all the way up to the boss who provides some of the general background. In-combat dialogues could be added so that narrative is present at all levels of the game.

Will it be possible to transfer possible DODO loot to DOFUS? Or will resources/stuff be incompatible?

Loot won’t be able to transfer. We are, however, examining the possibility of transferring bare characters from DOFUS Dungeons to the DOFUS MMO. But nothing’s been decided on that subject yet.

Will it be possible to overcome the Adobe Air limitations in DOFUS Dungeons, notably the many restrictions it causes for DOFUS on Mac OS?

Unfortunately, DOFUS Dungeons won’t be able to solve this type of problem given that it is being developed and will be available directly in the DOFUS engine, with all the advantages and disadvantages that that implies.

Will it have a stasis dungeons system like there is in WAKFU?

Not directly, but there should be something equivalent. The plan is to offer 3 difficulty levels for each mini-world so that players themselves can define their game mode.

Defining a single identity for each class goes against the current DOFUS game design, which specifically strengthened the various roles of the classes. Isn’t a contradiction if the idea is to bring DOFUS Dungeons mechanics into the DOFUS MMO?

It’s not a problem since DOFUS Dungeons aims to offer a more accessible, simpler and faster game. If mechanics were to be applied to DOFUS or elsewhere, they would necessarily be adapted to the game in question.
In any case, we’re working hand-in-hand with the DOFUS GD team to conceive our mechanics so that they can be adapted for different games.

Is a similar mod for PvP from (the late) DOFUS Arena being considered?

For now, we’re concentrating on DOFUS Dungeons and its PvE aspect. But, if the server is a success, the community wants a PvP version, and it’s something we can do, then why not? Everything’s possible.

What’ll the highest level be and how will spells be unlocked?

For now, we’re looking at 100 levels for characters and items. Spells won’t get unlocked all at once. That’s to say that you won’t start the game with all your spells, but we would like them to be unlocked fairly quickly, for example over the first 50 levels. So, there’s some kind of XP for characters in addition to the XP for items and sidekicks.

Ten spells per class, isn’t that too few for characters such as Osamodas, Masqueraiders, Rogues, and the like, when it comes to summons, masks, bombs, etc.?

No, because the gameplay is going to be re-thought entirely for each class offered. Summoners, for example, will probably not be able to play more than one summons at a time in order to limit the length of combats.

By the way, the 8 classes that will be available haven’t yet been chosen. Go ahead and reply to the poll (in French) if you haven’t already done so.

An MMO’s strong point is its lifespan. Since it’s not possible to offer infinite dungeons, how will you make DOFUS Dungeons re-playable?

First, thanks to the difficulty levels that will be offered for each dungeon, and which will let players modulate their game experience.

In addition, an evolutionary item and sidekick system, which will require a degree of dedication, especially for collectors who want to own maximum-level everything.

Other mechanics are also being considered for the replayability aspect, but they are not a priority at the moment and aren’t very developed conceptually speaking.

Will we have to play with sidekicks?

Not at all. It’s up to each player and their game mode. DOFUS Dungeons wants to make it so that players who want to play alone and access the entire game can do so, with the help of their sidekicks. Players who prefer playing with friends without ever using sidekicks won’t have more restrictions or advantages.

Concretely, what’s going to make the 3D acceleration possible, beyond animations such as character breathing?

Unfortunately, the 3D acceleration won’t be available in DOFUS Dungeons after all. After studying the question, it turns out that it’s a very big and complex project that will take much more time than we first imagined.

In addition to the customization provided by the Shushus, will there be a choice of colors and expressions when creating characters?

No. When you choose your character, it will necessarily be « classic ». You can of course choose the gender and, if we offer the feature, the body type. After that, all customization will come from characters’ equipment and evolution.

For more customization, is offering different animations based on equipped Shushus possible?

Maybe, but it would be something fairly expensive when it comes to production and volume for the game. If we did offer that type of additional customization, it would probably be through the shop.

Will there be guilds or alliances? Or a hall where players can gather?

We are considering keeping only the guild system. In any case, players can gather in the community HUB and the mini-worlds. We are also thinking about a more developed Haven Bag system, but it isn’t one of our current priorities.

Will the characters be single- or multi-element?

Depending on the player’s orientation, it will be possible to play in single-element or bi-element.

Will there be resistance mechanics like in DOFUS?

Yes, we are keeping the elemental resistances, but we plan to modify them to make them easier to understand.

Are sidekicks also focused on damage/protection/support?

Yes, that’s why players will be able to complete their teams with sidekicks based on their needs without any problem if they cannot/do not want to play with other players.

Will the sidekick system be overhauled on DOFUS?

It’s possible. If the community likes the format offered in DOFUS Dungeons and if it can be adapted to the DOFUS MMO.

Will dungeons be connected to each other with a progress curve when it comes to leveling?

All the dungeons in a given mini-world will be connected by the mini-world’s narrative storyline. For gameplay, we will make sure that the content is rapidly accessible for players starting out. The leveling system will therefore be seen most in the 3 difficulty levels so that, based on the individual players’ level, players can re-play the same dungeon several times without it losing interest when it comes to game mechanics.

How much time will each dungeon take on average?

That’s a question that we haven’t yet answered, and one that we’ll probably ask for your opinion on via a poll so that you can have a say on the subject based on your experience and preferences.

Will progress correlate to unlockable zones in the game based on completed content?

Absolutely. To get through an entire mini-world, you’ll need to unlock certain accesses. Similarly, to move from mini-world A to mini-world B, you’ll have to complete certain prerequisites, but you won’t necessarily have to complete all of the mini-world, just meet certain criteria.

We are also planning to reserve content that can be unlocked based on specific criteria such as attaining level 100, for example.

Will the DOFUS Dungeons dungeons be put progressively into DOFUS and vice versa?

No, the dungeons in DODO will be new dungeons. But, some of the mini-worlds could use the same themes as existing zones, or have some of the emblematic bosses, but it will always be to offer an alternative dungeon. The opposite is also true. We don’t have any plans to transpose DODO dungeons in DOFUS but if it were to happen, there would be a GD phase to adapt them to the game.

Will DOFUS Dungeons have quests and achievements?

We are envisaging very few quests, in part because we don’t have an open world and in part because the possibilities for varying types of quests are limited. Achievements will, however, be available and could notably win you sidekicks.

Will DOFUS Dungeons have Dofus (the dragon eggs)?

No, there won’t be any Dofus in DOFUS Dungeons.

Will there be a leaderboard?

We are studying the question. If we can do so from the technical and time standpoints, we will.

Will the DOFUS Dungeons friend list be the same as the DOFUS MMO?

We would like that to be the case but we don’t yet know if it will be technically possible.

Why do you want to simplify the gameplay and make the dungeons easier when the ones in the DOFUS MMO are already seen as too easy?

The primary objective is to improve the game loop for users; overall, we think that content accessibility can be improved in our games. Yet, that does not mean that DOFUS Dungeons will be easy and without challenges. What we want to simplify is understanding of the mechanics more than the mechanics themselves.

Will players need subscriptions to play DOFUS Dungeons?

No. The server will be free-to-play. However, players who already have DOFUS MMO subscriptions will have a bonus in DOFUS Dungeons.

Will DOFUS Dungeons be turn-based or will it be a hack’n’slash?

It will be a turn-based game because we are using the DOFUS MMO technology.

Will the music be different from what we already know?

Yes, it will. We are planning to bring new musical sounds to DOFUS Dungeons to match the new graphic atmosphere.

Will the game be available on smartphones?

No, because we’re using the DOFUS MMO engine and not the DOFUS Touch engine, so we’ll have the same constraints as the PC version.

Are DOFUS Dungeons and DOFUS Cube the same thing?

No. The two are independent, but there will necessarily be similarities give that we are testing the artistic direction of DOFUS Cube in DOFUS Dungeons along with a few concepts that could, in time, apply to the DOFUS MMO.

When will there be an alpha/beta?

We’re aiming to have a first testable demo ready in July for the Japan Expo event, and for the game to come out by the end of the year. Between those, the beta version will come out based on our production speed. We should be able to estimate times more concretely when we’ve made more progress on the demo for July.

In all cases, the releases will happen based on the DOFUS MMO schedule because DOFUS Dungeons will depend on the scheduled updates of the game servers.

If you enjoyed this livestream, want to see DOFUS Dungeons on the program again, and/or would like formats other than Q&A, let us know in the comments!

Thank you for watching. See you next week!
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