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As we mentioned previously, in DOFUS Dungeons, only a few classes will be available when the server is opened. That means we’ll need to choose from among the 18 heroes currently available. Could you help us?

Classes in DOFUS Dungeons

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s take stock quickly: DOFUS Dungeons will offer fights either alone or in groups of up to four people, sidekicks included. But that doesn’t mean that groups of enemy monsters will necessarily be limited to four creatures; it’ll be quite possible to encounter groups of various sizes.

The maximum level a character can reach is set at 100, and each class will have a selection of 10 spells to choose from with no variants. In addition, it should be noted that characteristics will be reviewed in order to remove some of them, in particular Wisdom and Prospecting. We’ll come back to this in more detail in a future post on gameplay.

For the release of DODO, we’re planning eight character classes, distributed as follows:

  • 4 damage classes (« Damage Dealers »),
  • 2 protection classes (« Tanks »), and
  • 2 support classes such as healing, placement, hindrance, etc.

We’ve already selected four classes that we think are vital to the game: Iop (for its close-combat damage), Cra (for its long-range damage), Sacrier (for its close-combat protection), and Eniripsa (for its mid-range support).

DOFUS Donjons - Classes

And that’s where you come in: We’re giving you the chance to have a say in what the other four in-game classes will be, depending on the expected specialties. Therefore, in the Damage-Dealer specialty, two choices are expected from among: Ecaflip, Ouginak, Sram, Rogue, Huppermage, and Osamodas. In the Tank specialty, one choice from among: Pandawa, Feca, and Masqueraider. Finally, in the support specialty, one choice from among: Enutrof, Sadida, and Xelor.

To tell us what you’d choose, we invite you to take part in this survey (in French), and please don’t hesitate to explain your point of view in the comments.

You’ll also have noticed that two classes don’t appear in the list of available choices; for purely practical reasons, Foggernaut and Eliotrope have not been taken out of the running as possible classes.

Finally, we want each class to have its own identity and for the oldest ones to get back to their roots. In terms of spells, we’ll therefore use the existing base, but we’ll carefully select and adjust them as needed so that each one’s specialties are clearly defined.

Class Designs

The second point in this article is not a minor one: the design of the classes you’re going to play!
As we explained previously, we’re committed to unifying the artistic direction of our games out of concern for graphic coherence. It should be kept in mind that whether we’re talking about DOFUS, WAKFU, DOFUS Cube, or DOFUS Dungeons, it’s the same universe: the Krosmoz. The aim is to be able to transpose assets from one game to another seamlessly.

In this regard, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the games would have the same class sprites, but that the artistic direction would allow all types of assets to be integrated, both technically and visually.

So, here’s some of the first research done in this context:

DOFUS Donjons - Iop

DOFUS Donjons - Classes

Focusing on personalization and following on from the Shushu items, it’s also about offering different sizes. Here’s a research board by Rumo on the different possible sizes and the changes in look after being equipped with a Shushu weapon:

DOFUS Donjons - Gabarits Iop

That’s all for today! As usual, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments and on social media. We’ll be happy to reply!

See you all soon!

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    • Because that’s the new artistic line selected for the game, in agreement with the current trends in video games.

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