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Hi, everyone!

This Thursday, March 22, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., I’ll answer a few of your questions live about the future of DOFUS, regarding both planned updates and other technical news. While reading your comments on the forums and other social networks, I realized that things weren’t perfectly clear yet and that a few explanations were needed.
We’ve stayed rather vague regarding the concepts that will emerge in DOFUS Dungeons, and that may included in the DOFUS MMO, so I’m going to explain the type of things we’re looking at so you can see how you fit into them and understand why we need to « test » them beforehand.
Obviously, I’m counting on you to remember that all of this is being thought about, and that we’re in the pre-production stage. It’s critical you don’t take everything literally. By setting up this type of communication with you, completely ahead of production, we are opting to discuss and share what crosses our minds with you. This allows us to receive your feedback and take it into account, but I must insist that at this stage, absolutely nothing is set in stone.
Another point comes up often in your comments. Yes, DODO does aim to serve as experience both for the DOFUS MMO and for DOFUS Cube. We do, of course, intend to make DODO a good, fun game. But once again, as I said earlier, the idea is to experiment.

In this article, you’ll find:

  1. evolutionary « SHUSHU » items,
  2. evolutionary multi-sidekicks,
  3. Haven Bags for « successes » and « arenas »,
  4. a resource for « evolutions », and
  5. dungeons that can be played over and over again.

You need to understand that, initially, each of these points forms part of the main game loop. I often use the example of a « jigsaw puzzle ». When you start a new project, the problem isn’t a lack of ideas, but an « overload » of ideas. From then on, the goal is to visualize the players’ « game loop » (or « path », if you will) and to break it down. It’s possibly the most exciting and most complex moment. Once you have this loop, you still have to sort through hundreds of suggested ideas and see if they fit into the jigsaw. If that’s the case, great! Otherwise, they get put to one side. Sometimes, excellent ideas are left out in the cold, but this is absolutely necessary to preserve the game’s overall coherence.

1. Evolutionary Items

We are thinking about a new concept for items. Analysis: We have thousands of items in our MMOs, but they quickly become obsolete when you go past the required level. So, we had the idea of putting far fewer dropped items in the dungeons, but to make it so that they follow you on your adventures, as if they were another character that you develop alongside your heroes. These items will have as many levels as your heroes and you’ll be able to make them evolve by feeding them specific resources (I’ll talk about this a bit further on). We’re thinking up concepts that would even allow you to personalize your rarest items by giving them extra stats. Obviously, our goal is to strengthen the bond between players and their equipment while producing less of it. We are also thinking of removing capes and hats, and of making it so that an equipped weapon modifies your entire look. Another idea is for your character to become increasingly personalized (customization) with every 10 levels your weapon has. Whether it’s an aura that forms or intensifies, spikes that appear on your epaulettes, or something else, you’ll be able to identify characters with « big weapons » in the blink of an eye. Like for all topics, I’ve just given you a glimpse of the idea (which will get its own article later on).

2. Evolutionary Multi-Sidekicks

The other main part of the project concerns sidekicks. We’d like to add lots of them, allow you to equip more than one at a time, and review their game design. The idea would be that they gain levels progressively by you feeding them the same way as you would items. We’re going to offer simplified character classes refocused on their « style » (in short, what forms their soul) with, in addition, the possibility of forming groups of sidekicks to support them. Just like items, sidekicks will be put at the heart of the game. Obviously, that won’t stop you from playing in groups, but we want to allow players who prefer playing alone to do so. We’d also like sidekicks to be able to be equipped with weapons, so as to increase the lifecycle of both.
Alongside that, we’re thinking about two other highly important functions for sidekicks, on top of supporting them in combat:
– The first one would be allowing you to place them in your in your Haven Bag as an NPC: Each sidekick would therefore have its own story and could offer you specific quests, the goal being to avoid making you run around after NPCs while strengthening your relationship with your sidekicks. In this regard, completing quests would provide your sidekicks with experience more quickly and would allow you to gain specific items. Obviously, it would still be possible to retrieve them for fights whenever you like.
– The second one (like the previous one) in connection with your Haven Bag and is explained in detail in the next point.

3. A Haven Bag for Your Successes and Your Arena

We thought up Haven Bags as a place to highlight your successes, and we’d like to make them a much greater attraction, allowing you to place the sidekicks you’re not playing in predefined arenas. Your Haven Bag’s arenas will be attackable when you are offline. If your sidekicks repel the enemy, you earn rewards. If not, your opponents earn them. Yet again, the idea is to offer you more interaction with less content. Sidekicks thus take center stage in the game by positioning themselves as brothers-in-arms, defenders of your Haven Bag, and NPCs with quests.

4. A Resource for Evolutions

Your items and sidekicks will evolve with identical resources. For the moment, we’re calling them « XP resources », and behind this lousy name hides the desire to develop a concept linking your weapons, sidekicks, and the fun of drops. Because even if you’re going to drop items in combat, as I explained above, there won’t be loads of them. However, you’ll have the opportunity to drop bags of « XP resources » of different rarities, which will allow you to make your weapons and sidekicks evolve more or less quickly. The aim here is to work on drop mechanics so that they’re more interesting, whatever happens. I don’t know if it’s already been covered, but we’re thinking about removing exchanges initially, the main reason being to make it impossible for bots to exist in DODO. It’s therefore fundamental that drops are « nice » and most of all « useful », in any case. Don’t get too worked up about the removal of in-game exchanges: It’ll be a test that we can change as we see fit.

5. Dungeons that Can Be Played Over and Over Again

As we explained previously, there won’t be an open world in DODO, so no groups of monsters – just dungeons. From now on, we’re going to work toward each dungeon being able to have several difficulty levels. We’re also going to try (technically) placing many surprises during your fights: « protector » monsters that suddenly appear if you kill too many of their « followers », hidden rooms, etc.

So, we’re going to test these concepts in DODO and see what sort of experiences they produce. Certain points may remedy current problems in DOFUS and we’ll be able to decide (or not) to integrate the most relevant content into our MMO.
Obviously, during the live session this Thursday evening, I won’t talk to you just about that. We’re also going to discuss content that we want to offer in the upcoming months outside of DOFUS Dungeons. There’s a huge number of topics and we’ll make the decisions together.

Thanks for reading this. Talk to you again soon,

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  1. Hi Tot, this idea sounds so cool! I always disliked the change to Dofus’ dungeons for scaling drops and exp based off the amount of players in the party, and rather enjoyed the challenge (and rewards) received for enduring a tough or unbalanced fight.

    The dungeon aspect of the original Dofus was always my favorite; I never had much fun having to search for the best monsters/groups to kill (it felt like more of a chore than fun), and simply liked running dungeons with my friends.

    In regards to customization and evolving items: the more detailed customization that can be achieved, the better, versus total character transformations.

    In Dofus I thought the full transformation items/costumes eliminated that spark that made the character your own. The minor changes seem like the way to go, slowly advancing your characters look and uniqueness over time.

    Can’t wait to see what else you try out!

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